Stairs are not my friend

There are some days where my legs cannot deal with stairs. My legs at times just seem too weak, almost like they are giving up on me. Let’s not forget my knees- who at times- queen out for attention with a nice jolt of pain with every step I make. And of course, on those days,  I seem to run into STAIRS.  As soon as I come across a staircase every muscle and joint in my body say “Don’t even think about it“. Staircases have become my enemy- but on the flip side- I have really grown to love elevators and escalators.

I saw this sign at a bar by Lake Conroe during labor day. The Lake was closed due to high winds (a precursor to the horrible Texas Wildfires), so my friends and I decided to hang out this bar.  As all my healthy friends pranced up the stairs to the bar, I stayed back and just stared at the “lupus-designated” sign…. I did not take any chances- the sign said to do at MY OWN RISK.

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