Great words of wisdom. Could not have said it better. This is a great post reminding us to listen to our bodies and to take a moment to relax and recharge.

Mind Body 'N Food

Trying to balance life with a chronic illness can be quite a challenge.  How can we better understand our physical limits and know when we need to slow down?

For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling great!  I’ve had the energy to get involved again in the things that I truly love: crafting, cooking, volunteering, going out with friends… and even running!  I’ve been feeling full of life and vibrant, and have begun feeling like a real person again.  As I began to get involved in more and more things, I spread myself a little thin, and I stopped taking time to myself to “charge up”.  I forgot about the importance of resting to save up energy, and my body quickly started to slow down.  After three weeks of seemingly endless energy and nonstop action, I ran out of gas.  My body weakened, my pain crept back, my energy…

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