Painkillers and smiles

If I didn’t need the drugs so badly, I would sale them to you.

As I was popping my pills freely, including my beloved vicodin, among dudes, one asked the common question with a sly smile: “Can I have a vicodin? I will pay anything.” I looked at my white oval pill with such love and desire. I thought to myself, “I could spare one and make a couple of bucks.” But then, I thought of the moral implications- ‘Tis wrong for thee to share prescriptions amongst comrades’– plus, it is apparently illegal (minor detail). I looked at the dude, who was desperately still trying to hold onto his early twenties (and deny his thirties) by wearing a backwards cap, and said with a polite smile, “Fudge No!!!” (Ps I don’t say fudge…). It is then I realize that the Houston’s streets would be safe from my medicine cabinet. Lupus patients would never become drug dealers… we almost enjoy the drugs (i.e. powerful painkillers) too much…. and we can’t live without them!


Enjoy your prescribed painkiller… maybe sprinkle it over ice cream, cupcakes, be creative. Enjoy that moment of haze, forget why you are even taking it and smile.

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Chew on this

Life is not about understanding or doing it right. It’s about taking what you’ve got and just smiling about it anyway. – Unknown


As difficult it may be, I have to keep reminding myself to be free and enjoy each day. We can do it, my fellow lupus-sufferers.

What do you do to keep smiling?

First weekend of 2012

Happy New Year!

With the end of the first weekend of the new year coming to an end, I ask you this: “What fabulousness did you get yourself into?” I will give you a moment to reflect… go ahead.

Now, don’t you dare feel bad if your response is along the lines of “nothing”, because I was stuck in bed with the f-ing FLU ! Yes, I had my yearly flu shot but apparently there is some wacky strain going around Houston (by the way, it was 75 degrees this weekend and I was stuck in bed).


Of course, Dr. Lupus demanded that I pay him a visit. “I worry about you,” was his first comment when he saw my snotty face. I am so grateful to have such an amazing partnership with my doctor. After his examination, he gave me the bad news’ “Brace yourself, you are going to be in a lot of pain the next couple of days.” Eeek! I immediately asked him: “What’s the maximum daily dose of vicodin, again?”

So, back to the original question: What did I do during the first weekend of 2012? Well, obviously I stayed in bed but I also did the following:

1. Deep drug-induced sleep= crazy dreams.

2. Finding the right position to control pain… I am in toooooo much pain

3. Try to keep from overdosing on acetaminophen (theraflu, vicodin, tylenol, etc- so to sleep through the pain)

4. Resist from drinking wine Saturday night in bed

5. Watch re-runs of shows

6. Falling asleep during the re-runs

7. Eat a whole bushel of oranges- vitamin C overload! I devoured those suckas like it was the cure…. almost ate the peel out of desperation.

8. Drink a whole bottle of orange juice- drank it from the bottle like a savage.

9. Ignore a facebook friend request from Mr. Aguinaga (ooh silly man)

10. Eat a pint of ice cream (it soothed my throat)

Right now, I’m scheduled to have my Benlysta infusion tomorrow… but I will have to cancel if I am still too flu-ish. I am crossing my fingers that I wake up feeling better tomorrow (as I sip the last drip of Thera-flu).

Good night!

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