First weekend of 2012

Happy New Year!

With the end of the first weekend of the new year coming to an end, I ask you this: “What fabulousness did you get yourself into?” I will give you a moment to reflect… go ahead.

Now, don’t you dare feel bad if your response is along the lines of “nothing”, because I was stuck in bed with the f-ing FLU ! Yes, I had my yearly flu shot but apparently there is some wacky strain going around Houston (by the way, it was 75 degrees this weekend and I was stuck in bed).


Of course, Dr. Lupus demanded that I pay him a visit. “I worry about you,” was his first comment when he saw my snotty face. I am so grateful to have such an amazing partnership with my doctor. After his examination, he gave me the bad news’ “Brace yourself, you are going to be in a lot of pain the next couple of days.” Eeek! I immediately asked him: “What’s the maximum daily dose of vicodin, again?”

So, back to the original question: What did I do during the first weekend of 2012? Well, obviously I stayed in bed but I also did the following:

1. Deep drug-induced sleep= crazy dreams.

2. Finding the right position to control pain… I am in toooooo much pain

3. Try to keep from overdosing on acetaminophen (theraflu, vicodin, tylenol, etc- so to sleep through the pain)

4. Resist from drinking wine Saturday night in bed

5. Watch re-runs of shows

6. Falling asleep during the re-runs

7. Eat a whole bushel of oranges- vitamin C overload! I devoured those suckas like it was the cure…. almost ate the peel out of desperation.

8. Drink a whole bottle of orange juice- drank it from the bottle like a savage.

9. Ignore a facebook friend request from Mr. Aguinaga (ooh silly man)

10. Eat a pint of ice cream (it soothed my throat)

Right now, I’m scheduled to have my Benlysta infusion tomorrow… but I will have to cancel if I am still too flu-ish. I am crossing my fingers that I wake up feeling better tomorrow (as I sip the last drip of Thera-flu).

Good night!

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