Happy World Lupus Day


World Lupus Day, May 10, focuses on the need for improved patient healthcare service, increased research into the causes of and a cure for lupus, enhanced physician diagnosis and treatment of lupus, and better epidemiological data on lupus globally.

This is the day that all lupus warriors across the globe stand-up, band together and show our strength. YES… it is more difficult to do XY and Z, and YES… we miss the days of when doing our own nails in that fabulous shade of purple seemed an easy task. REALLY- IT TOOK ME 2 HOURS TO DO MY OWN F-ING NAILS. MY HAND COULD NOT STOP SHAKING AND THAT STUPID WAND APPLICATOR KEPT SLIPPLING FROM MY FINGERS. There is purple nail polish EVERYWHERE!

I am going to take this fabulous moment to spread some awareness and give you the lighter side lupus (does that even exist?).  Remember that list I made about what lupus took away? Well, here is the other side of the coin:

1. Lupus gave me the strength take on anything and everything. You got something for me? BRING IT! I have no doubts that I will still be able to rock it out and survive through anything.
2. Lupus made me realize what’s important to life.  It is so easy to make a decision now, because that decision has to be made with ME and my health in mind. Yes, my Friday & Saturday nights are dedicated to my drugged-induced beautry sleep.
3. Lupus made me realize that I am surrounded by endless love and support. How lucky am I to have such a support system!?!? From my mother driving me to my infusion treatments and shoving food down my throat, to my father walking beside me at the 2012 Lupus Walk, to my sister racing me to the emergency room, to my brother checking up on me and reminding me to NOT DRINK, to my best friends smiling as I queen out, shavig my head, helping me when the steps are too high, feeding me when I can’t hold my silverware, hugging me when I need it, and etc etc- These are the people that I could not live without.
4. Lupus gave me the power and the OK to shrug the minor things off. I have lost all my hair, in constant pain, walk with a cane, have uncontrollable/involuntary shakes, have moments of dementia… why the hell am I going to worry if so-and-so is going to call me?! … why the hell am I going to worry about if my boss is pissed at me?!… why the hell am I going to worry about what to wear?!?! … why the hell am I going to worry about if I gained/loss weight?!… why the hell am I going to worry about what I look like?! I have enough on my plate.
5. Lupus gave me the power of spotting the douchebags and bastards early. Nothing scares the douchebags and bastards like telling them that you have an autoimmune disease. My brother calls lupus the “douchebag repellant”.

Here is your moment to shout to the world, spread the awareness, spread the love and hate for what lupus has taken from us and given us. Here is to one day that we all experience a cure for lupus.


Posted from the Diva on the road

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