Flan for Lupus

First a little background: September is normally my favorite month solely for the fact that I was born on the 8th. As a true diva, I take pride in my birthday month and usually have celebration plans that last the entire month. This is a very girly thing to do… I know. For September 2012, I spent over half of the month in the hospital- 2 different stays; both for lupus-related events (heart, lungs, and kidneys), overlapping my birthday! I do not want to bore you guys with details, but I came out of September alive and still breathing. Now that I have freedom from the hospital, I have so much to catch up  on, including new posts! BUT I CANNOT FOCUS (maybe because of my lupus CNS or simple procrastination). So, I am taking cue from my neurologist who suggests that I should conquer tasks in little chunks. FYI- a very helpful tip when dealing with lupus fog moments. 

Now to my point (finally): I came home from the hospital two weeks ago and awaiting on the table was this delicious vision: FLAN!


This flan was homemade from my amazing Tia, who is from Mendoza, Argentina. For as long as I can remember, flan was the first step of the solution to any problem. As I was savoring every bite of my flan, I secretly wished, “Flan is the cure for lupus“. 

ARE YOU KITCHEN-FRIENDLY?: I have no clue on how to make this, but I did find an Argentine recipe. I tried asking my tia her recipe but it involved, “a pinch of this”, “a dash of this”, “heat until its the color of ____”. Frankly, my head hurt with the thought of trying to recreate her recipe for this blog. 

Why do I even ramble about flan? 

First, because it is FU*$#ING AMAZING!! Second, to let you guys know that although we may suffer a lupus-set-back, we can still experience joys in our life. For me, it is as simple as enjoying a homemade flan from my  Tia. Seeing the flan on the kitchen table reminded me of how much I am loved and supported by those around me. And lupus cannot take that away from me. 

Stay Fabulous!

The Diva

4 thoughts on “Flan for Lupus

  1. I totally needed this tonight. I am in the midst of a horrible flare and have had an awful lupus weekend. And to top it off tomorrow is my 30th birthday! While I know a hospital stay is most likely in my near future, tomorrow I am going to enjoy my day the best I can. Screw lupus, it’s my birthday!!

    Love your blog!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

    • Happy early birthday! Don’t you dare let lupus ruin your big 3-0! I will be thinking of you and hope that you will be spending your bday in the comfort of your own home and around those that love you. You could not have said it better- SCREW LUPUS!

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been frequenting the hospital. September also brought an ER visit for me, too. October will bring better things for us lupies! Hang in there, and thanks for reminding us about the simple joys in life 🙂

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