This post gives a great (and witty) perspective on lupus fog and how to cope with it. I, too, use Evernote ( to help with my memory deficits. It is a free application that can be applied to your PC, mobile or tablet.

Wisdom City

I love this quote so very much!

I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.

I lifted it from the front page of the Field Notes website, and if I ever get a tattoo of a phrase on my inside wrist, it will be these words.

As a result of experiencing lupus fog, information often feels like it simply drains out of my brain regardless of how hard I try to retain it, and to compensate I semi-obsessively write things down, and record voice notes, and use tools such as Evernote to capture and store longterm memories. For that reason, the idea of writing something down to remember it now makes perfect sense to me.

To anyone else with a fog-like condition (for example, people with fibromyalgia often talk about ‘fibro fog’) who stumbles on this post, how do…

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