Frustration with wrappers


Steroid-driven hunger drives me to eat anything in my path. After 3 years of taking daily prednisone (doses ranging up to 80 mg a day), I have the body to show for it. I am a jiggggly woman with a moon-faced shape. Maybe when I go on a hunger-rampage I should consider chomping on a piece of lettuce instead of the fried turkey leg… but I digress…
Today, I could not resist the Kit Kat staring at me. I immediately tackled the candy bar and started to unwrap it, but then I came across a dilemma. I COULD NOT UNWRAP IT! I tried every technique known to man, including the one where you tear along the printed dashed line and the one where you split the wrapper by using both your hands (similar to opening that stubborn bag of chips), AND NOTHING! I could not get into the blasted Kit Kat. I looked at my hands with such disappointment. My poor hands are no longer dependable tools. They ached and were a bit swollen. This wasn’t the first time that joint pain and inflammation has kept me from getting things done. It gets frustrating but we must learn to cope, especially when we are too young to be complaining about “achy” hands. Luckily, I was able to bug a co-worker to open my candy bar to feed my steroid-driven hunger. However, someone is not always around. If I can’t find someone to help me out, I just put whatever I am doing down and walk away. There is no need to get frustrated. I usually make another attempt once my hands feel better. But most of the time, I usually throw the item against the wall. Problem solved.


4 thoughts on “Frustration with wrappers

  1. It takes a true diva to solve problems by throwing things against the wall! 🙂 I carry a pocketknife with me wherever I go to solve these problems — sometimes my hands are too sore to open freezer packets or envelopes and so on. Of course, lol, this stops being helpful when my hands are too sore to open the pocketknife.

  2. I use scissors. I have several pair all over my house and a pair on my desk at work. I cannot and o not ooen wrappers any other way. I cut everything open with scissors. When my luous arthritis is at its worst, I cannot even open a Lipton tea bag without pain. Solution? Scissors, once again! In the ever famous words of little Mkey on the vintage Life cereal commercial, “Try it, you’ll like it.” LA

  3. let me tell you, my weight gain on prednisone was not any less because i munched on lettuce 24/7. so i quit that and started eating whatever i wanted. if i’m going to be fat from meds, i’m going to be fat and HAPPY!

  4. Lol I am sorry that I am saying I’m glad I’m not the only one… Next issue jars with lids! I end up with imprints and very red hands bothering to try to be the first to open without any help!

    You’re so wonderful! Take care!

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