Lupus E-Cards

Not a day goes by without seeing an E-card created by Someecards.  Out of pure curiosity (and for a need for some funny), I searched for “lupus” e-cards and this is what I found:


Giggling, yet? Spread the joy.


4 thoughts on “Lupus E-Cards

  1. Never in a million years would I have thought to do a search for Lupus and e-cards – if only I couldn’t relate to all of them! Lupus is definitely a roller coaster – gotta laugh, what else are we gonna do?

  2. The fact that you found these e-cards about lupus is a good sign that lupus awareness may be on the rise, but I am surprised by it. Thanks to television shows that mention lupus, like “House” and others, people are hearing more about it. Maybe a little levity about lupus is a good thing! LA

  3. Gotta agree with Casey Clubb, lol!

    I love go to your blog for the laughs and cries about lupus and all the pretty pictures!


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