4 thoughts on “Pill Pop-Art

  1. Diva: I highlighted your blog today on my blog, as part of my Lupus Awareness Month efforts for May. You have an awesome blog, and I really loved the pill bottle pop art! Congratulations on your blogging efforts… outstanding stuff. Lupus Adventurer

  2. I found you on a random search of “methotrexate vs. benlysta”…and here you are! Thank you for your input on these two drugs. I meet with my Dr. Lupus next week to decide which one she will put me on. The idea of injecting myself with anything (good or bad), makes me nearly pass out just thinking about it. I have to admit, when I read a few of your comments, I got choked up (maybe just feeling sad and sappy for myself today, and for you as well). The image of your nightstand with all the pills, looks just like my medicine cabinet…

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