An official Benlysta user!


My dear fans,

Sorry for the absence but I have not been too well this past month. I have been bed-ridden experiencing incredible joint and muscle pain, lung problems, exhaustion/fatigue and bad CNS issues (confusion, etc). As I have mentioned before, I was a meotrexate user- injecting myself with weekly shots. Obviously, it was not working. Dr. Lupus stated I was a good candidate for the recently approved Benlysta, a biologic. Yesterday was my first infusion treatment! It took 2 and a half hours and I recommend to anyone who takes this to have a driver, as you will be drugged and hazed from the pre-treatment IV of histaminen (Benadryl overload!).  Hopefully, I will soon be feeling well enough to articulate my adventures.

Until the next time! Besos!

The Diva

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