The Ideal Medicine Cabinet

Yes… I know… I have been M.I.A. for a couple of weeks. Do not worry my dear fans, I am back with many stories to tell. So much has happened in September, including a lumbar puncture, feeling like crap after the procedure, labor day weekend, my 30th birthday week-long celebration. The most important task that I have done is complete my ideal medicine cabinet.

Lupus encompasses many symptoms and often associated with other diseases (how many of us also have osteoporosis, depression, arthritis, etc??!?). As an Argentine and professional wine-o (still arguing that topic with Dr. Lupus), I have developed nice prescription regimens to alleviate my symptoms:



Daily dose

Allergies Neuf- du-Pape Burgandy 1 glass
Anemia Pinot Noire 4 glass
Arthritis Hennessy Cognac, VSOP 1 bottle / week
Bronchitis Bourgogne or Bordeaux
(+ sugar and cinnamon)
3 cups
Constipation (because of all those damn pain meds) Anjou blanc electricity .. Vouvray 4 glass
Coronary arteries Dry Champagne, Cognac 4 glass wine, 2 shots cognac
Diarrhea Beaujolais Nouveau 4 glass
Fever Champagne sec 1 bottle
Heart Burgundy , Santenay Rouge, Cognac 2 glass wine, 4 shots cognac
Uric acid gout Sancerre , Pouilly Fume 4 glass
Hypertension Alsace , Sancerre 4 glass
Depression Rhine, Cognac 4 glass wine, 1 bottle cognac
Rheumatism Champagne 4 glass

Who says we have to live in agony? 😉 Salud to all of you!!

(I can’t take credit for this fabulous idea/invention. I want to thank my favorite uncle who sent me this information in an email)