Pssst…Words with friends is Scrabble

If you are a lupus-fighter, like me, then you probably spend a good chunk of time in bed watching whatever is on TV.

Diva’s note: It is OK to spend some good restful time in bed. You and I need our rest. Now [shaking finger at you], don’t be spending every waking minute in bed– time is precious.

Interrupting my precious TV are the holiday-gift-giving-ideas of commercials that keep displaying on the screen. One in particular that catches my attention is the Words with Friends board game. How many of you have thought the following: “Why don’t they just call it what it really is…. SCRABBLE.”


If you don’t realize that this board game is just Scrabble with a niftier title than you are just too young…

My plan this holiday season will be to re-gift my scrabble board game to someone of the younger generation.